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Optimizing the resource , expertised in environment- friendly industry 
In October ,2010, Shenzhen Rainbow Fine Chemical Industry holds the green welcome and start to specialize in indoor environment friendly industry and exporting products of green welcome. It help green welcome expand more markets with the sufficient refund and resource.
Shenzhen Rainbow Fine Chemical Industry was established in 1995, it is a research and development hi- tech manufacturer in marketing and value-added services in one core business location in the community to provide building energy-saving integrated system solutions, core products includes building energy-saving, eco-friendly paint and materials, green household products, green efficient cars beauty care products and so on.

The explorer and leader of China’s indoor environment friendly industry 
Shenzhen Green Welcome Technology Co.,Ltd  was established in September 2001, it is a national hi-tech enterprise of development, design, manufacturer ,sales and service.
Green welcome is committed to improving the indoor environment, focusing on indoor environmental pollution control. Independent- research series of products of indoor pollution control, household cleaning conservation, air purification and optimization, they are throughout of the renovation prior to arrival of people to stay home care and maintenance after, to the long-term indoor air purification. Wherein the formaldehyde scavenger, decoration  deodorant, air conditioning, cleaning agents and air purifiers and other products have become industry standards.
Today Green Welcome has become the industry recognized China's largest indoor environmental enterprise from the earliest Chinese professional indoor pollution control product development company and maintained No.1 product sales and market share and created a new record of first enterprise in China's same industry .

Excellent achievement and green the world

In July 2005 Green Welcome won the China Interior Decoration Association Indoor Environment Monitoring Committee awarded the certificate of indoor environmental pollution clean governance.

In August 2006  Green welcome was identified as high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen City.
In May 2007 Green welcome passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification.
In June 2007 Green welcome was named "China's leading private technology enterprises".
In November 2007 Green Welcome hit new record in China, in 2006 the production of decoration pollution control products, to create a market similar products in sales and market share.
In February 2008 Green Welcome was identified as "Shenzhen well-known brand" and "Guangdong Province".
In October 2008 Green Welcome won the "public places, central air conditioning and ventilation systems professional cleaning agency cooperation technical assessment certificate".
In October 2008 Green Welcome decoration pollution control products was identified as "national demonstration project selected products".
In December 2008 Green Welcome elected the "2008 Top Ten Enterprises in Shenzhen to develop recycling economy".
In January 2009 Green Welcome was named "Shenzhen enterprise culture of outstanding units".
In January 2010 Green Welcome won the Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences indoor environment and health club development Contribution Award.
In May 2010 Green Welcome joined the International Society of Indoor Air (ISIAQ).
In September 2010 Green Welcome was recognized as a national high-tech enterprises.
In December 2010 Green Welcome created a new record two enterprises in Guangdong Province, won the "Guangdong enterprise innovation record" Excellence Award.
In December 2013 ,Green Welcome became "air purifiers indoor PM2.5 purification performance test methods", "indoor environmental purification performance filter gaseous pollutants determination", "passenger air purifiers performance measurement method" and "ozone filter purification performance measurement method" standards Working Group unit.
In February 2014 Green Welcome became air purifier (China) Industry Alliance senior member company.

Four unique technology , removing nine -times formaldehyde 
Green Welcome has the unique advanced core technology In China—— removing formaldehyde nine times.

The removing nine -times formaldehyde is a unique comprehensive indoor air pollution purification technology: the use of formaldehyde polymerization removal technology, BTEX and VOC rapid decomposition, plasma catalytic technology, photocatalyst catalytic decomposition technology more comprehensive purification technology solve different environments produce formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, VOC, ammonia, smoke, bacteria, nine indoor respirable particulate matter pollution, no secondary pollution, safe and reliable
This technology is fully applied on decoration pollution purification, daily air purification series of cars purification conservation campaign and environmental health electrical products, and the effect is significant.
Formaldehyde polymerization techniques
Contains three components which play the role of penetration, adsorption and scavenging.When brushed on the plate surface, it will rapidly penetrate into the interior of the plate, the active ingredient rapidly and formaldehyde lignin polymerization hair should produce a stable, non-toxic polymer material lignin glue a mesh structure.
Plasma catalytic purification technology
By low-temperature plasma module and VOC catalytic purification module used in combination, can efficiently purify the indoor formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances and other decoration pollution stench, VOC substances.
BTEX and TVOC rapid decomposition
Stranded in indoor air and attached to the furniture, wall surface formaldehyde, benzene and harmful gases and volatile organic compounds oxidation degradation, and the source of release of harmful substances like wallpaper glue can not penetrate oxidative degradation of the contact, broken down into carbon dioxide and water.
Photocatalyst catalytic decomposition technology

Photocatalyst technology is the use of nanoscale anatase titanium dioxide under sunlight (UV) irradiation to produce highly active genes, and it will remove  the oxidation of various pollutants in the air decomposition, which has a strong bactericidal , deodorant, anti-mildew, anti-fouling and self-cleaning, air purification function.
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