Car environmental protection
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It’s applicable to cloakroom, shoe cabinet and other indoor small spaces, as well as cars. It can efficiently remove formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful gases, odors, bacteria, PM2.5, smoke, dust, pollen and other pollutants. Meanwhile, it releases negative ions to create a fresh and healthy air environment.

To enjoy the fresh air after the rain instantly using it
Its super purification module can multi-catalytically decompose odors and some harmful gases, and kill bacteria;
It’s with special air duct structure of honeycomb and multiple streamlines design;
Equipped with high-speed fan inside, it can actively adsorb foreign matters and significantly improve the purification efficiency.

To obtain healthy and fresh air wherever you use it
You may use it in cloakroom for removing peculiar smell, in shoe cabinet for deodorization or beside bed during your travelling.
You may put it on your office desk for purifying your personal small environment.
You may put it in your car, and the fresh air accompanies you all the way.

Portable to take and easy to operate
With compact design, it’s easy to take along. It’s small but not simple.

Good choice as a gift to express love
With delicate and fashionable appearance, as well as innovative and multiple functions, it’s a high-end and special gift for relatives and friends.

Six major modules as purification system
It’s combined several efficient purification modules including pre-filter, HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, zeolites and catalyst, with anion.
Product specifications and technical parameters

Rated Voltage: 5V

Rated Power: 3W

Application Area: 1-4m2

Dimension: 120X120X45mm

CADR: 15m3/h

Negative Ions: 13million/cm3

Elimination of total bacterial and virus: 95%

Decline of formaldehyde: 93%

Removal of PM2.5: 93%

Noise Level: about 35dBA

Net Weight: 420g

Other Functions: an USB output of 5V 1A

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