Car environmental protection
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Vehicle Air Purifier
Quickly and effectively dispel most odorous substances in the car, such as formaldehyde, benzene other harmful organisms, peculiar smell, bacteria, microbial and PM2.5, PM10, pollen, dust, ect. Release negative ions, purify the air and create a fresh and healthy driving environment.
Simple design, Contracted but not simple
Colorful and simple design, break your traditional impression of filter
Wireless Plug type, directly plug into the cigarette lighter socket, easy use and save power. 
Design for Air Pollution inside Vehicle
Effectively purify module and Nano silver ions filter materials, remove pollutants inside the car, no need replacing the filter net; initiative adsorption, Significantly improve the efficiency of purification.
Honeycomb duct construct, multilayer streamline design to ensure the purification quickly and smoothly.
Easy Use, Comes with a USB charging interface 
Easy Use; Comes with a USB charging interface, effectively and reasonable use of the power of the car, 
Suitable for mobile phone, PAD, MP3, GPS and other charged devices or be DC5V power
6 Purification Module
Effective Purification Module (Pre-filter + HEPA filter + Activated Carbon Filter + Zeolite + catalyst filter) + Anion  
Usage method
1.Insert the key into the switch of ignition, then turn on the "ON" button.
2.Pull out off the cigarette lighter socket.
3.Plug the purifier into the car cigarette lighter, when Indicator light display to normal working state, the fan start working in the purifier, and drive the air accelerating turnover, purify the air inside the car.
4.Slightly power consumption, suggest that to open the purifier when driving, to create pure, fresh and healthy driving environment.
5.When the purifier working, please close the windows of the car, open A/C circulation to make the better internal circulation purification effect, in the meantime, to kill the bacteria and deodorants for the A/C airflow circulating system.
6.To select continuous or intermittent work by controlling an on-board purifier front prods whether connect with the plug of the cigarette lighter socket not. To distinguish the purifier working status by observing the indicate lights ON and OFF.
Specification & Technical Parameter

Rated Voltage (V):  12V
Rated Power (W):  1.5W
Applicable area:  0.8 -4m2
Dimension:  72X70X135mm
Air flow volume:  8m3/h
Anion:  3million/cm3
Colonies Killing Rate:  95%
Formaldehyde Decline Rate:  90%
Removal rate of PM2.5:  90%
Noise level:  ≤35db
Weight:  110g
Multi-functions: USB 5V 1A output

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